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MyMusicRx.org is a "music medicine" site for kids and teens facing cancer and other serious illnesses. We invite kids to feel the music and feel better, by exploring our exclusive artist greetings, concerts, music lessons, digital instruments, and games. MyMusicRx is a program of the Children's Cancer Association. We believe that joys matters and music heals. For two decades, CCA has delivered innovative, free-of-charge programming to hospitalized kids, teens and their family members. MyMusicRx.org extends our bedside music program to an online platform, enabling seriously ill kids and teens access to the healing power of music anytime, anywhere. See our music programs in action here.

Our Friends

MyMusicRx depends on the amazing talents and incredible generosity of many people and organizations, especially our MyMusicRx Champions. Learn more about MyMusicRx brands, bands and leadership here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to become a member to enjoy MyMusicRx?

No. Our content is free, unlocked and fully accesible 24/7. Membership is available for kids and teens under 21 years old and has added perks, but is not required.

How can I become a member of MyMusicRx?

To set up a membership account, click "JOIN" in the top right hand corner of the homepage and follow the instructions. Kids 13 and up can register themselves with a valid email address. Kids under 13 can be registered using a parent's email address. Parents will receive a confirmation email with a link to approve and activate the membership. It's that simple.

How do I get my free Converse gift card?

Once you've set up your MyMusicRx account, you'll get an email confirmation of your membership. To get your gift card, simply return to the site, login with the email address and password, and then click on your Profile. Scroll down, enter your mailing address, and you're all set. Please note that orders may take 4-6 weeks for arrival.

Where can I learn more about the Children's Cancer Association?

For children and teens diagnosed with serious illness and their families, every moment is precious. At CCA, our goal is to transform as many of those moments as possible - with joy. Please visit JoyRx.org to learn more about CCA and our other innovative programs of JoyRx.

Contact Us

We love feedback. Feel free to send us your thoughts or questions at .

You can also reach us here:

Children's Cancer Association

1200 NW Naito Parkway, Suite 140 Phone: 503.244.3141
Portland, Oregon 97209 Fax: 503.892.1922
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MyMusicRx is a “music medicine” site for kids and teens like you who are facing cancer and other serious illnesses. Feel the music and feel better by exploring our exclusive artist greetings, concerts, music lessons, digital instruments, and games. And, if you sign up for MyMusicRx membership, you’ll also be eligible for some cool perks:

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